Nikon Cameras

I began using Nikon equipment while working on local newspapers in the early 1980s, a few years before I went to art college.  My first 'pro' camera was an F2AS Photomic before moving up to the F3 (probably the best manual focus 35mm film camera, ever!), then through the autofocus F4 and F5 cameras, to the F6 - which I still use for film work. 


My move to digital came with the D3X, which I 'upgraded' every time Nikon brought out a new camera up to and including the D5.  I now use three D5 cameras for my editorial assignments.  With the Z9, which arrived in December 2021, I'll put it through its paces and perhaps move entirely mirrorless. ... we'll see! 


Throughout my career I have continued to use Nikon kit because I find it to be the toughest and most reliable for professional use.  I have occasionally used equipment from other manufacturers - notably Canon, Leica and Hasselblad - but for my professional editorial work, it is always Nikon.


Nikon D5

This is my 'go to' workhorse camera for my most demanding projects and locations.  The superb image quality and fast shooting rate mean this is a camera that I can rely on.  The incredible sensor allows me to shoot in very dark situations using whatever natural light is available - however little - so I can create photographs that capture the true authenticity of the scene.

Nikon D850

The D850 is probably the best all-round and best value-for-money professional camera that Nikon has ever made (although it is now superseded by the D880).  The 45.7MP sensor delivers images of superb resolution and image fidelity while still displaying the characteristic Nikon 'look' which is perfect for double-page magazine spreads and high quality exhibition prints.


Nikon Z9

This landed in my kitbag in December 2021 and I'm going to enjoy putting it through its paces.  I have been so impressed by my first Z cameras (the Z6ii and Z7ii) that if the Z9 is as good as Nikon say, it will likely become my new workhorse.  The mirrorless design and new larger lens mount have created a revolutionary new direction for Nikon.

Nikon F6

Nikon film cameras are among the best professional film cameras ever made.  The F2 (my first pro manual focus film camera) and the F3 are now iconic and much sought-after.  The F6 is the last Nikon film camera and its compatibility with my complete arsenal of Nikon autofocus lenses ensure that it is still my 'go-to' camera of choice for all my 35mm film work.


Simon Hill HonFRPS   Editorial Photographer