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1982       Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS)

1985       Associate of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS)

1986       Elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS)

1991       Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS)

1994       Elected Fellow of the Institute of Directors (FInstD)

1996       CSD Professional Qualified Member (MCSD)

2006       CIM Fellow and Chartered Marketer (FCIM / CMktr)

2013       SIAD Honorary Fellowship (HonFSIAD)

2018       Membre Artiste de la Fédération (AFIAP)

2019       Membre d’Excellence de la Fédération (EFIAP)

2020       MPA Invited Fellowship (FMPA)

2020       BIPP Invited Fellowship (FBIPP)

2021       RPS Honorary Fellowship (HonFRPS)


1984       BIPP Student Photographer of the Year

1987       Kodak Photographer of the Year

2017       International Art Portrait Photographer of the Year

2019       BIPP Yorkshire Portrait Photographer of the Year

2019       National Photography Awards (Portrait)

2019       BIPP Professional Photographer of the Year

2020       National Photography Awards (Portrait)

2021       FIAP Medal for Photojournalism

2022       BIPP Yorkshire Photojournalist of the Year

2022       National Photography Awards (Photojournalism)

Exhibitions & Salons

2017       3rd Donegal International Exhibition

               Honourable Mention (Best Travel Image)

2017       International Art Portrait Photographer

               of the Year Exhibition

2017       North Bengal International Salon

               FIAP Ribbon (Best Colour Image)

2017       Digital Photo World Awards

               Honourable Mention (Photojournalism)

               Honourable Mention (Best Mono Image)

2017       International Exhibition of Photography

               Honourable Mention (Best Colour Image)

2017       Photo Art Magazine Awards

               Global Photographic Union Award

​2017       UNICEF International Art Exhibition

               Group Exhibition (Los Angeles)

​2017       International Photo Salon

               FIAP Ribbon (Editorial Portraiture)​

2017       International Salon of Photography

               PGI Honourable Mention (Travel Photography)

​2017       Great British Small Print Circuit 2017

               Judge's Award (Travel Photography)

2017       Exhibition of Photography

               Special Award (Portraiture)

​2017       Dreamscapes International Photography

               OSPC Honourable Mention (Best Landscape)

​2017       Argentinian International Exhibition 2017

               Bronze Medal  (Natural History)

               FIAP Ribbon (Travel Photography)​

2017       Croatian International Salon 2017

               Honourable Mention (Photojournalism)

​2017       RPS Review of 2017 (Finalist)

​2018       HPS 'Bass & Bligh' Trophy for Travel Photography

               HPS 'Counter' Trophy for Mono Photography

2018       PhotoIreland Foundation Festival 2018

               Group Exhibition "Photo Ireland"

               with Mel Black, Nicholas Cooper

               & Geoff Greenham

2018       Yorkshire Photographic Union 2018

               Certificate of Commendation

2018       British Institute of Professional Photography

               North West Region Awards

               Open (People's Choice) - Winner

               Open (Judge's Choice) - Winner

               Open (People's Choice) - 2nd

               Social (People's Choice) - 3rd

               Social (Judge's Choice) - 3rd

2018       Photo North Festival

               Group Exhibition

​2018       PAGB SONY Inter-Federation Exhibition

               Accepted for Exhibition

​2019       HPS 'Brotherton' Trophy for Portrait Photography

               2018-2019 Winner

​2019       Yorkshire Photographic Union

               Certificate of Commendation

​2019       British Institute of Professional Photography

               National Photography Awards 2019

               Silver Award (Portrait)​

​2019       British Institute of Professional Photography

               Yorkshire Region Awards 2019

               Portrait Photographer of the Year

               Editorial & Photojournalism - Winner

               Environmental Portrait - Winner

               Wildlife - Winner

               Digital Manipulation - Winner

               People's Choice Best Photograph - Winner

2019       British Institute of Professional Photography

               National Photography Awards

               Professional Photographer of the Year

​2019       GAMMA Annual Exhibition

               Group Exhibition

​2019       HPS 'Our World' Annual Exhibition

               Group Exhibition

​2020       British Institute of Professional Photography

               National Photography Awards

               Winner (Portrait) plus Six Awards

2020       Master Photographers' Association

               Commercial Category

               Highly Commended & Runner-Up

​2021       HPS 'Dabell' Trophy for Street Photography

               HPS 'Marshall' Trophy for Portrait Photography

2021       Yorkshire Photographic Union

               ​Accepted for Exhibition

​2021       Photo Suisse International

               Honourable Mention (Landscape)

2021       International Photo Salon

               APG Diploma of Merit  (Photojournalism)

​2021       New York Photo Fair

               Group Exhibition

​2021       Images Sans Frontiers

               FIAP Ribbon  (Photojournalism)

​2021       Blue House Gallery, Ireland

               Group Exhibition "Borders"

               with Mel Black, Nicholas Cooper and

               Geoff Greenham

2022       HPS 'Dabell' Trophy for Street Photography

2021       Photo Beijing​

               Group Exhibition

               A joint exhibition of the work of photography

               organization Presidents from ten countries

​2021       GAMMA Retrospective 1981-2021

               A retrospective of the work of GAMMA members

               on the 40 year anniversary of the cooperative

​2022       Royal Photographic Society

               DEC Humanitarian Work in Ukraine

               50 Fellows and Honorary Fellows of the RPS         

               invited to provide an image for limited edition

               sale with all proceeds to the DEC

2022       Yorkshire Photographic Union

               Accepted for Exhibition

​2022       RPS International Photography Exhibition 164


​2022       British Institute of Professional Photography

               Yorkshire Region Awards

               Editorial & Photojournalism - Winner

               Industrial & Commercial - Runner-Up

​2022       British Institute of Professional Photography

               National Awards

               Editorial & Photojournalism - Bronze

               Advertising & Commercial - Shortlisted

               Editorial & Photojournalism - Shortlisted

               Portrait (Environmental) - Shortlisted

2023       Generations: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors

               Imperial War Museum North, Manchester

               Group Exhibition with 13 Fellows of the RPS,

               and HRH The Princess of Wales

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