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Beginner or Intermediate

Photo Basics

Get the most out of your camera equipment and explore your creative potential

This beginner's photography course will take you from complete novice to an effective level of practical ability in only three in-person or online sessions. For intermediate photographers, it will fill any knowledge gaps that might be a barrier to you exploiting the full potential of your camera and your creativity.

This short course will enable you to confidently use your camera in all the operation modes - Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual - and to fully optimise the menu settings.


The course will help you to become completely confident in facing almost all picture-taking situations; it is a one-time investment that will help you get to grips with your camera and lenses.

£180 for three two-hour sessions

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Higher Education *

BA/MA Photography & Creative Practice

Providing specialist modules to support undergraduate or postgraduate studies

For students working towards a First Degree (BA) or a Higher Degree (MA) in subject majors in Design, Photography, and Creative Practice, these modules are based on current commercial experience and practice. The modules provide the student with essential skills that will be necessary when they leave the academic environment and enter professional practice. All the modules are delivered through established BA and MA courses in art colleges and universities. Modules offered include: 

  • Intellectual Property & Image Rights

  • Professional Photographic Practice 

  • Design Thinking & Design Process 

  • Project Management & Cost Control

  • Collaborative Professional Practice

£295 per day teaching contact time (plus travel)


Intermediate or Advanced

Studio Photography

Master the essentials of studio lighting and learn skills you can use in and out of the studio

The studio is the space where the photographer has complete control over the creative process but the results depend so much on having the right skills. Through this intensive one-day course you will receive one-to-one tuition on how to set up and work in your own studio - whether this is a makeshift space or a dedicated full time studio space. 


We will explore how to use different backgrounds and look at the range of specialist lighting including continuous sources and studio electronic flash systems. We'll look at 'hard' and 'soft' lighting techniques, high-key and low-key lighting, and explore the effect of different light modifiers. Finally, we will work through the five most used lighting arrangements for studio portraits.

£295 for a one day course (in our own studio)

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Advanced or Professional

Editorial Photography

The ambition of editorial photography is to communicate and reinforce a written narrative

Of all the genres of photography, it is perhaps the editorial genre that is the most demanding; yet it is this genre that provides the photographer with the greatest scope for creative freedom. A skilled editorial photographer must be confident in many specialist genres to ensure they can deliver on the editorial narrative, however challenging the brief. 

This project-based course - developed in conjunction with professional writers and picture editors - will provide you with the essential skills to develop a robust and deliverable editorial proposal. The course will be structured around a real brief and result in a body of work that could form the centrepiece of your editorial portfolio. The course finishes with an exploration of where and how to market your work.

£295 / £395 one or two-day course

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Sixth Form and FE College *

A-Level Photography

A-Level tuition delivered one-to-one or to class groups through a school or college

Photography can be studied alongside any subject. This subject helps develop visual literacy and a creative approach to problem-solving that will be of benefit to any academic or professional practice. 


Photography is taught in small groups and there is an emphasis on photographic assignments. Students explore a range of genres including portraiture, landscape, commercial, still life, documentary, editorial, experimental, contemporary visual art, photographic installation, and moving image.


Visits to local and national photographic exhibitions are woven into the course to expose students to a range of artists and styles, which they can use or respond to through their own work.

£45 per hour teaching contact time (plus travel)

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Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

Landscape Photography

Immerse yourself in capturing the beauty of Yorkshire's dales, moors, woodlands and coast

The Yorkshire Dales, the North York Moors, ancient woodlands, and the rugged Yorkshire Coast are all within easy reach of our studio close to the spa town of Harrogate. From dawn to dusk and in all weathers, covering an area of almost 3500 square miles, England's largest county provides some of the UK's most dramatic and picturesque scenery. 


This course will demystify the equipment and techniques used for landscape photography. It will teach you how to search out the best locations (and avoid the many cliché locations), how to plan for your shoot, how to use the light, composition and filters for maximum effect, and how to work with the weather by using techniques that will produce images that are creative and original. 


£295 / £395£495 one, two, or three day course​

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Intermediate or Advanced

Documentary Photography

To record social, cultural, historical and political events as a document for future generations

This course has been developed in association with the GAMMA Photos group and is designed to help experienced photographers develop a rigorous approach to documentary photography. It is a project-based course centred around an actual event.


The course will look at developing a documentary style, researching a narrative, planning a shoot, selecting appropriate equipment, and will look at how the photographer can develop their own unique visual style and a body of accomplished work.


Due to the nature of the course, the programme provides an online briefing before the event. The course finishes a few days later with ​a review of your proof sheets and selection of a final body of work.

£295 / £395 one or two-day course


Advanced or Professional

Large Format Film Photography

Produce fine art analogue photography using the iconic Gandolfi large format field camera

In this practical 'in-the-field' course you will learn the craft and the art of using large format film cameras. This unique course uses the classic handmade mahogany-and-brass Gandolfi 'Precision' field cameras (in either 4x5" or 8x10" format) each with a wide/normal/telephoto set of high-quality Nikon large format lenses. The taught skills are directly transferable to all makes of field camera.


The skills will include large format film handling, camera operation, field camera functions and movements (including the Scheimpflug principle), exposure metering, the 'zone' system, lens coverage and selection, contrast control, field of view, depth of field and depth of focus (they are different), film processing, scanning and digital post-production.

£295 / £395 one or two-day course (plus materials)

To enquire about course availability or to make a booking please email via the Contact page or

call Simon on 07802 156402 or Harriet on 07967 738991. If available, accommodation for course participants

can be provided in the Nidderdale AONB, only 15 minutes drive from Harrogate.

* A-Level, Further Education and Higher Education courses are delivered through schools, colleges and universities

as modules within their established curricula. Simon holds an Adult & Further Education Teaching Certificate, 

an Enhanced DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) Certificate, and an Emergency First Aid Certificate.

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